Disaster Day with Texas A&M Health Science Center

Texas A&M Health Science Center will conduct its annual mass emergency disaster simulation – Disaster Day – on Thursday, March 26, beginning at 9:30 a.m. at Central Baptist Church in College Station. More than 350 medical students will attend to 700 community volunteers serving as simulated patients, complete with makeup to visually and emotionally depict a […]


Pearly whites: Is there such a thing as too much bleaching?

Many of us strive for the perfect, bright white smile that lights up a room. For some, people, this means bleaching, bleaching and more bleaching; but is it possible to over bleach? Are there any unintended consequences on our pursuit toward the perfect smile? While there aren’t any major health effects to bleaching on a […]

Casino Day2

Casino Day at Brazos County Senior Center

The Brazos County Senior Citizens Association is a nonprofit organization that has been in existence in this area for over 30 years. We provide activities and programs for seniors 55 or older who wish to join our organization and interact with other seniors. Among our activities are covered dish luncheons and various games.

There could be many reasons why it’s difficult to fall asleep at night. Assess your sleep environment and habits to see if any changes might help you sleep better or longer.

Why can’t I sleep? Common barriers to catching your Z’s

Daylight savings has officially arrived, which means most of us are struggling with getting up in complete darkness and going to bed an hour earlier. But for many, sleep never comes easy, no matter the time of the year. For those who constantly find themselves staring at the clock in the wee hours of the […]