Your Heart in Theirs. Beat On.

Your Heart in Theirs. Beat On.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? This can be attributed to lifestyle factors that increase the risk of atherosclerosis, or the narrowing of arteries. “The community, technology, and rate of heart disease are growing as the population ages. For all of those reasons, the […]

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Palliative Care: Good Medicine for Serious Illness

As healthcare continues to evolve to address the diverse needs of an aging population, palliative care is an option worthy of consideration. Palliative care is an effective, holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, which includes specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. Its focus is to provide relief from the chronic symptoms, pain, and stress regardless of […]

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Advice for Seniors: Get a Flu Shot

As with any medical treatment and prevention, your doctor is the only one who should advise you or your loved one to obtain a flu shot. However, information from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicate the best way to prevent the flu and […]

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Options for Joint Pain

Joints form the connections between the bones. They provide support and help you move. Over time, the joints can become damaged from age, injury, or disease. This can interfere with your movement and cause pain, from mild to severe, making it impossible to use those joints. Often times doctors will see seniors for hip and […]


Dear Jen

Dear Jen, I’ve always been someone who has taken pride in doing my own lawn. I go out every Saturday to mow, edge, weed, prune, trim, etc. I feel that my lawn looks better than most who hire a landscaping crew, and I often win “Yard of the Month.” However, the last few summers have […]